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i'm bill o'reilly and we hope to see you next time, and remember, the spin stops here. plin closed out her book sape last night sarah palin was on "hannity" for her very first cable interview about her new book, and in case you missed it, here are some highlights. >> when they found out that she was 17 and pregnant, the mccain people in the campaign knew all about us. they did their homework. they knew what they were getting when they chose me. we're watching the president to show that and say, you know what, we're going to do all that we can to win in
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afghanistan. we cannot afford to lose. i'm going to get clobbered tomorrow morning. the liberals, their heads are just going to be spinning. they're going to say she is radical, she is extreme. but i say profiling in the context of doing whatever we can to save innocent american lives, i'm all for it, then. there are a lot of causes out there that i want to help with. don't know if necessarily that means running for a higher office, but, you know, m life is in god's hands and i'm seeking that path that he would have me on. sean: you're not thinking about it now but you're not ruling it out now. >> not ruling it out. sean: we covered a wide range of topics, and for once, the governor was allowed to say what was on her mind. but as expected, her brand-new book has drawn fire from the left as well as the mainstream, or what she calls the lame stream media. "newsweek" magazine was among the first to take a shot at the former vice-presidential candidate with this blatantly sexist cover, then came the revelation that "the associated press" had cast 11 reporters to fact-check her book.
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now, by contrast, says the a.p. didn't bother checking either one of barack obama's books. what is behind this double standard? my next guest is somebody who knows a great deal about the media and has even spent time with governor sarah palin on the campaign trail. let's take a look. >> when i was asked to come out here to all of you and introduce the governor today, i was, of course, incredibly honored. but let's be honest. i was really excited just to be able to talk for five minutes without getting interrupted. and let me tell you this -- when it gets hot in the kitchen, the governor may be from alaska, but she can take the heat. sean: we're now happy to be joined by the author of "the g free diet, a gluten free survival guide." she is the emmy award-winning host of abc's "the view," the one and only lids bet hasselbeck. i love the show.
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i watch it all the time. >> not everybody does. sean: at least it's a rosie-free zone. >> sean, you're bad, but indeed, it is. sean: you said you watched the interview last night with sarah palin. >> i did. sean: i was with you when you gave that speech in tampa. she's a huge success the when the book was announced, it was an instant mega huge bestseller, she's tv ratings gold. why is she so popular? >> i think a great amount of american people relate to her. i think that she does speak her mind, especially now. we're seeing her more than we ever did before. in part, it's due to her handling, i think, during the campaign. i got an up-close look at what actually happened that day that we work together. i go the to ride on the bus with her between tampa and kissimmee and i got to see, right after i introduced her, she went rogue there and discussed her wardrobe. she mentioned the pin that i
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brought up in the speech. and i saw the immediate panic around the campaign, and i saw cell phones go up. all i kept hearing was "off script." and i saw relief on her face and i saw panic on theirs. and i think there was a disconnect there in terms of what the goal was. and i think america wanted to hear her, and there was a bit of protective nature there. sean: i was there, and she writes about that in the book, that she decided to say, i got these clothes from a consignment shop. >> yes. sean: why would that be off script? i don't get it. >> i don't know, especially when it connects with most americans. you know, i want to also touch on the "newsweek" cover that you mentioned just a few minutes ago. and when i saw that, i was infuriated, as most women should be. it is, as you said, blatantly sexist. i'm not going to go and be a "cry-baby" bit, but let's be fair. where is the national organization for women? where are they? where are they when a conservative woman is being reduced to that sort of cover when it comes to politics? they have said nothing, sean,
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absolutely nothing. apparently they only want to represent women when they're liberal. and i find that to be problematic. maybe tomorrow there will be something on their website. sean: i agree with you on your analysis and governor palin thinks it's sexist. you're a conservative woman. you come under fire. why are conservative women generally speaking bigger targets than liberal women? >> well, i think that obviously the liberal media is out there and alive and in full effect in terms of defending them. the conservative women, for some reason, they come under fire, sean, because they are ok with having kids and a family and those priorities that sometimes i think there's that idea out there that you cannot have a career and a family. you can't do it all and you can't represent a certain value system that may disagree with theirs. they're a protected breed, liberal women, but conservative women are not. they're becoming extinct. sean: but doesn't it say so much about her? doesn't it really come down to one or two issues -- you're
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pro-life, governor palin is pro-life. seems to come down to a basic litmus test whether women's groups will supports you or not. >> you look at governor palin and you see her carrying trig. she chose to have a baby knowing full well he had down syndrome. chose to have him, and yet, let's destroy her. it makes no sense. and then you look at her book. people, not even having read it -- and i haven't gotten through it myself, you know, having the kids and a few jobs, but it doesn't seem to be the type of book that she's firing back at people trying teeven the score. but let's imagine that it was that type of book. did you get the memo on what we're allowed to write about? she should be able to go after anybody she wants to. the 350-odd pages of her book are nothing compared to the slander she's faced in the media. sean: the hardest attacks were on her family. david letterman -- i know you
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guys talked about it on "the view." look at it for what we also pointed out, the a.p. -- 11 fact-checkers for governor palin. zero for barack obama. >> right. and we know this now, and we know what we're dealing with. i think that it's going to be an uphill battle in some ways for conservatives to have fair representation in the media, thankfully for places like this, there is at least a forum that's fair. sean: do you think part of it is you have this elite mentality, not just in the media, but maybe in new york, in hollywood and los angeles, you know, she tells a story -- and i asked her about it in the first question last night. she tells a story she'd go hunting for moose with her dad before school. her dad hands her warm moose eyes. and maybe they can't identify with that rugged, more independent lifestyle, and they -- there's sort of a disdain there for middle america, true? >> from middle america? sean: no, i meant for middle america. >> absolutely. i think there's a question in many people's minds -- do you
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want somebody to be your leader who's like you or who you want to be like? and that battle comes up in the election. i'm just surprised that given all the background and education that president barack obama has had, he seems to have trouble making decisions. sean: we still don't have a decision a afghanistan. >> no, none, and lives are at stake. i think that sometimes it doesn't take a harvard education to make a good choice. sean: and she's got principles. maybe i'm putting you on the spot. >> oh, gosh. sean: would she be your first choice in 2012 for the republicans, or one of your top ones? >> you know, i really can't -- i think she'd battle. i think she'd get in there. i have trouble getting behind someone right now. i do support her, and i think she's obviously someone to be feared. she's not in current office right now. she's not running for anything. she's touring a book, yet people are still so afraid of her, and i think they know that if she's the person on the ticket or she's behind the person on the ticket, that there is a force to be reckoned
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with there. sean: i thought during the campaign -- when we come back, you're going to stay another segment with you. >> sure. sean: you had an opportunity to ask barack obama one of the toughest questions he got in the campaign and we discussed it with her last night and we'll also ask you about this mammogram issue involve women in the health care bill. much more to talk about with elizabeth hasselbeck and people going after president barack obama. we'll play you that unbelievable audio, and the most shocking undercover acorn video to date will be debuted right here in a "hannity" exclusive. wait till you see this video. boss: ah! thank goodness you're back. gecko: what's going on, sir? boss: we're slammed. tons of people interested in all the money they could be saving by switching to geico.. gecko: yeah, 'course. boss: boy, did we miss you last week. that temp wasn't working out at all. exec: took me all morning but i got those quarterly figures for ... you. (hissing noise, gulping)
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sean: michigan congressman john conyers had harsh words for president obama's handling of the health care bill. >> i'm getting tired of saving obama's can in the white house. i mean, he only won by five votes in the house, and this bill wasn't anything to write home about." sean: ouch! if that's what your friends are 100 potato chips or 100 pringles. both cost the same, but only the pringles superstack can makes everything pop! ♪ hey [ male announcer ] same cost but a lot more fun. ♪ everything pops with the pringles superstack can!
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sean: we continue now with elisabeth hasselbeck from "the view," also the author of the g--free diet" close friends of mine say your book changed and saved their lives. >> well, that makes me happy. that's who i wrote it for. i went through too many years of not knowing what was wrong, not knowing how to navigate, living combruten free. if i can help one or two people, i'm happy. sean: now you're preparing to run for a marathon. >> yes. sean: i love watching your show, and i love the different viewpoints. and it gets heated at times, which makes the show interesting. >> yes. sean: how do you feel about barack obama? do you think he's a socialist, do you think he's a radical? >> i think he ran as someone middle of the road. but what we're seeing are what
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i think to be near extremist, lack of decision, i should say. take, for instance, khalid sheikh mohammed getting a civilian trial here in new york city. the irony that we now are having this rock star k.s.m. on the biggest broadway stage of the world to re-enact and drop all that happened on 9/11. wow, what a chance for al qaeda to come in -- i mean, they should start selling tickets now. this is going to be a circus, an absolute circus, and no illegal combatant deserves a civilian trial and i cannot believe the decision that's been made. sean: that, and they stopped the investigation into fort hood, which i can't believe. but you are right about khalid sheikh mohammed. we will pass on intelligence information to him and his defense team. >> of course. sean: when he admitted guilt and is willing to get the death
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penalty. khalid sheikh mohammed is then going to be, poor guy, chuck some water on him. and then we have the bush administration going to be the real defendant. let's not kid ourselves here. sean: i'm lad we waterboarded him. it accept people safe. >> you know, we're going to enter into a very, very dangerous arena when he's here for that civilian trial. i was sick to my stomach when i heard it. and then going into fort hood -- you know what's interesting to me? did you see the photo when they had the service for those that were killed at fort hood, and they had the inverted rifle into the boot of the soldiers with the helmet on there. that, to me, said that was an act of war, ok? that is a traditional symbol for a soldier killed in action, right? but yet, the words that the president chose said this was not a terrorist. they're afraid to say terror. just say it with me, terror. say it. sean: you and i are on the same page. >> it's infuriating. sean: they don't use the word. if this is not a terrorist act and we do not identify it, and
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we went back to pre-9/11, because the 9/11 commission report said they were at war with us, we were not at war with them. >> but in a way, the words are not matching the action. sean: i agree. >> there's distance there, and that concerns me, because i believe that two messages at the same time are being -- attempted to be sent out and you can't do that. you need to have one. sean: one of the things i wanted to bring up, you had a chance to ask barack obama, i think, the hardest question during the campaign and it was about refuse rents wright. last night when i had an opportunity to interview governor palin, she agreed that it was almost unfair to the american people that was her answer, that we didn't give the american people the chance to vet the right relationship. >> well, you did. sean:dy, you did. you got to ask him. do you think that revealed a lot of who the president really is, that we're seeing it now more and people are waking up to that fact? >> i think people will have a retrospective lens on this
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president from this point forward. of course it affects someone being in his past or present. you and i both know that. but this is something that american people did refuse to take a good look at for whatever reason. and, you know, i only think that will be able to look back in time and see if it truly did affect him. i'm going to pray not. you know, we also have to look at this man as we're not going to be blind followers, but he is the president of the united states of america, we need to question what he's doing, but i'm trying to give him a good shot and hope that that didn't impact him. sean: i think we've given him a good shot. you know, you reach a lot of women on "the view." you have a huge audience out there. and by the way, congrats on the emmy award. >> thanks. thank you. sean: families are in trouble. unemployment, if you really add it up, it's closer to 17%. >> 14% in my home state. sean: it's frightening. women look up to you, they reach out to you. what do you say to people, my
12:18 am
husband lost a job, i lost a job, debt is through the roof, we're passing it on to our kids and grandkids. how do you feel about that aspect of obama? >> i have this fear in the back of my mind, and quite possibly it could be because i'm up all night with feedings of a baby and i have time to think about things beyond the normal time frame necessary, but i have a feeling, are they letting things get so bad that then we are begging for the government to help us out? sean: well, the government has taken over everything already. >> of course, they want to. and if things get so bad that no one else can help us, the american people are going to be forced to -- sean: accept that, their answers. >> of course. what else is going to be there? sean: people would call you and i conspiracy theorists, but i agree with you. >> it's just a concern, a concern of a mom. sean: we love having you. congratulations again on the baby. >> thank you. sean: coming up, we'll have much more on governor sarah palin's big week. how can the g.o.p. at that
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particular time lies on new jersey and virginia? mississippi governor haley barbour is here to answer that question. does the republican party need to go back to their conservative roots? he'll join us next straight úúxx
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sean: form fer alaska governor sarah palin is making headlines this week with the release of her brand new book, as as she travels the country she's no doubt getting an earful from the american people on issues like the economy, jobs and health care reform. at the annual republican governors association conference this week, those very same issues are likely to be at the top of the agenda as well. and attending that conference in austin, texas, are g.o.p. governors from around the country, including governors elect chris christie of new jersey and bob mcdonald of virginia.
12:24 am
and joining me is the chairman of the r.g.a., mississippi governor haley barbour. governor, thank you for being with us. welcome back. >> hey, sean, thanks for having me. sean: you know, one of the issues that i got into with governor palin was the issue of if she views herself more conservative than republican. i view myself as more conservative than republican. she said, no, she supports the party's platform, but does the party need to go back to their conservative roots, considering 40% of the country views themselves as conservative? >> well, look, sean, the republican party is a conservative party in the united states, and the democratic party is the liberal party of the united states. both of them, though, are big parties, and a two-party system by definition, both parties are coalitions, and not every republican is as conservative as haley barbour, which is fine
12:25 am
and healthy. my old boss, ronald reagan, used to say, a fellow that agrees with you 80% of the time is your friend and ally, not 20% traitor. sean: he was willing to go up against the more liberal wing of the party at that time. that was pretty controversial. >> i happen to think primaries are generally helpful. i've had a primary every time i run. usually people get a chance to get the kinks out of their organization. you get your name idea up. so i think primaries are healthy. and if you look at these two big victories in virginia and new jersey this month, in new jersey we had a primary. chris christie, who was a moderate, was challenged by a republican mayor, very solid conservative, who had been a real strong, strong member of our party.
12:26 am
cyst tee won the primary. -- christie won the primary. but 94% of republicans voasted for chris christie. that means all the conservative republicans in new jersey voted for him because they did have a primary and the person who won was a whole lot better than the democrat, and that's what the election was about. sean: i would argue in the case of the new york 23rd, fa va wasn't conservative on any issue. she was almost like a nancy pelosi democrat, but the republican establishment supported her, and i think that was a mistake vet so this leads to my question -- i would like to see the republican party come up with some version of a contract with america, fiscal responsibility, national security, energy independence, premarket solutions for health care. would that be a good idea? >> well, sure it would. i was chairman of the republican national committee when we did contract with america. but let me remind you that it was published the last week of september of 1994.
12:27 am
it was part of our campaign for congress, and we made it public to coincide with that campaign. today here at the republican governor's conference, bobby jindal came out with a 10--point plan for health care that i think virtually every republican and most democrats could support. there are 20 republican governors here at the conference out of our 24 governors, and i think virtually everything in the 10 points we could support. but don't mistake where we are. the real bad thing that happened in new york is that the state party chairman allowed a handful of people to pick our nominee. now, when you get 45,000 more republicans than democrats and you don't have a participatory process to choose our nominee, i believe our nominee was picked by 11 people on a 7-4 vote. that's disgusting. there is no excuse for that. sean: that's why i did not
12:28 am
support the republican candidate. i'm supporting conservatives because i'm a regan conservative. let me ask you this question -- with all that we see in the economy, the debt, the deficits, the takeover of health care and financial institutions and banks, when we see what's happening on national security, khalid sheikh mohammed, stopping the hasan investigation, a weakening of our defenses, do you see similarities between 1994 and 2010, and do you think you can actually take back the house of representatives? >> of course, i'm more focused on the governors's races, as you know, because i'm the chairman of the governors association and we have 37 governors -- 37 governors races in 2010. look, these 1993 elections two weeks ago were a great start for us, just like the election of christie, todd allen, in 1993, propelled us into the
12:29 am
1994 election. these will, too, and candid recruiting will be effective. owe volunteers and organization are red hot. our donors are optimistic. 2010 can be a great year for us. i said today i believe we are further ahead today in terms of organization and interest and intensity than we were this time of 1993. now, a month is a light-year in politics, sean, as you know, so i can't predict with certainty that the environment will be this good by next november. but the environment today is better than it was in 1993 going into 1994. sean: all right, haley barbour, thanks for being with us, governor, appreciate it. >> thanks, sean. sean: coming up, a blockbuster, brand new, never-before-seen acorn video that we're going to show you for the first time, i think the most controversial yet. and coming up, what caused one republican to tell senator barbara boxer to, quote, get a
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12:31 am
sean: harry reid pushed the vote on barbara boxer's climate change. he had this to say. >> the fact that this whole idea on the global warming, i'm glad that over and gone, done. we won, you lost, get a life. >> wait a minute. sean: well said, senator. and when we come back, we unveil a brand-new and probably the most shocking acorn tape to
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greta: thesean: they went back o
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stored to tell them exactly what they want. >> money will will be siphoned through that business. we can use money for my campaign some day. >> yeah, oh yeah, that's very important. sean: joining me now are the
12:36 am
filmmakers themselves as well as the publisher of big sounds like she wants a piece of the action. >> well, as soon as we said that we were interested in the prostitution business, she said she was more relaxed. -- she became more relaxed. sean: explain what was going on behind the scenes. >> she wanted to take me to a center for abused prostitutes. as soon as we said that we wanted to run a sex business she said, oh, here is how we can help. sean: it sounded like she wanted
12:37 am
to be in business with you. >> she gave me her number. she was very helpful. sean: all of you are being sued. are those still pending? >> yes, sir. sean: they are suing the government because of your tapes. they have cut off funding for acorn. now they are suing to get our tax dollars back. there is another aspect that is becoming part of the gubernatorial race in california as it relates to the laws. jerry brown in california decided not to go after one
12:38 am
group but they might go after you. is that hypocrisy? >> the attorney general has not initiated an investigation into a corn after we have seven tapes. there were fines initially that came out. they had their money taken away from the house and senate. they lost their link to the census. congress did not come out to investigate them. obviously not the attorney general's office. let's get back into business. they realize that the dust settled and they were not being investigated. it wawe were the ones that were investigated. sean: are you saying there are more tapes? >> 0, my goodness. not only are there not tapes but to this is not just a corn. this message is to the attorney
12:39 am
general. we will hold out until the next election cycle or if you want to do akeley investigation, we will comply with you. we will give you the documentation we have from countless whistle-blowers who are fearful of the retribution. they feel that this is a dangerous organization. if you get into an investigation, we will give you these tapes. if you don't, we will release the tapes come election time. sean: this is a blockbuster, you could have an impact on the election. more importantly, all of you are being sued. how difficult is it knowing that you have a lawsuit hanging over your head? >> some people say that we did something wrong but from what i have seen people think that we have done a lot right. the media establishment thinks
12:40 am
there's nothing wrong with a corn. they have been doing human interest stories on me and hannah. they are completely out of touch. sean: i read a piece when they were supportive of what you did. how hard is this on you, hannah? >> we did this project, we knew that we would make people angry. it comes with the territory. i'm not happy that i am being sued. you have to stand up for the truth and people don't like that. sean: this is journalism, exposing people that would be so morally bankrupt that they would support a prostitution ring of young girls and office after office after office.
12:41 am
you should be getting a journalism award for this. now we have an attorney general in california who is thinking of prosecuting you. >> not only should they could journalism awards, i'm willing to give rock documentation to the "los angeles times," to help redeem them for lying. all of the other newspapers are not investigating this. the attorney general realizes there is no press that wants to go after this correction so he is fine. sean: we appreciate you being with us. now we will check in with greta van susteren. greta: we have a producer
12:42 am
following governor palin. we have orrin hatch, geraldine ferraro. we have congressman brown, we have the news from oprah. tonight, we have the question to the answer everyone is asking. sean: what question? greta: you will have to wait. sean: by the way, she will have a sarah palin "on the record," on monday.
12:43 am
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ññ?y@? sean: ant tonight on our "great american panel," he is the editor of "the national review" and a syndicated columnist, rich lowry is here. he was part of the obama campaign media team -- i'm sorry, democratic strategist steve murphy is here, and she's
12:47 am
a professor of political science and law at vanderbilt university, political analyst carol swain, who has a little bit of laryngitis, but you sound perfect. >> thank you. sean: i hope you feel better. six in 10 americans believe that governor palestinian has been treated unfairly. she's gsh governor palin has been treated unfairly. huge ratings on any show she goes on, including last night here. could she be the next president? >> i think that's a long road, but she's obviously the biggest star in the republican party right now. she has a bails of supporters that are absolutely glued to her, and so intensely committed. you know, those are amazing scenes in grand rapids when she showed up. it was literally like a campaign event. so she has a lot of capital to play with, but she needs a substantive portfolio and she doesn't yet, and she does have rough spots in her image that she'd have to smooth over if she's going to win the nomination. >> i'm not so worried about her rough spots. what she does have, she has an ability to invoke trust among
12:48 am
people, and i think a lot of americans want people that they can believe in, that once they get to washington they're not going to forget their promises. and with her, what you see is what you get. and that's very refreshing. sean: you know, one of the things i wanted to do last night in the interview that i had with her is let her talk. everyone has so many opinions about her. she came off as smart, intelligent, informed, likeable, principled. it was obvious to me why she has to many supporters. >> sean, sean, the problem is she didn't do that when she was the vice-presidential nominee. sean: but she writes about that in the book. >> sean, i was the obama strategist that said treat her very seriously. she is a threat. and i think she proved me wrong. she knew for months that she was under consideration for this and she did not get herself prepared. sean: i don't think there's any doubt, though, she actually energized the republican base.
12:49 am
>> there's no question about that. sean: the conservatives are, great -- john, right? >> i think she was probably a net benefit all told in the campaign. because there was no enthusiasm at all for john mccain among his base supporters. for a while, it was kinds of pathetic. jayne was tagging along with -- john mccain was tagging along with her in order to gain crowds. but she's more of a social figure. one side hates her, my side loves her, and that's very good for sales. every author in the country should be jealous of her, maybe outside of rick warren. that's the only author she's not going to eclipse. sean: but you admit she's being -- we were talking in the green room. you think she's being treated unfairly. you didn't like the "newsweek" cover. >> i didn't like some of the coverage during the campaign either. i thought it was a little bit conned descending and elitist, looking down their nose at small towns. but she proved them right. she proved she was not ready
12:50 am
for the limelight. sean: she cleaned joe biden's clock in that debate. it was masterful. joe biden didn't know what hit him. it was over. i thought that was probably one of her highlights, along with her convention speech. >> i agree. >> interesting story about that. apparently during the debate prep she kept on saying, joe o'biden, putting obama and biden together. if you say that, it's all over. so make sure you can call him joe. >> but, you know, she is the vision to have enormous influence. whether or not she will be considered as a presidential candidate doesn't really matter. she cares about her conservative values, and if she can change hearts and minds, then, i mean, that's what it's all about, changing hearts and minds. sean: as a conservative who has been disappointed with the republican party at times for abandoning conservative values, she is a strong, solid, consistent conservative, which i think the republicans need to rebuild their party.
12:51 am
>> and that's why people are afraid of conservative women, because conservative women are not concerned about what other people think. they're concerned about their values. sean: more with our great, "great american panel" next. i have asthma. and when my symptoms-the coughing, wheezing, tightness in my chest came back- i knew i had to see my doctor. he told me i had choices in controller medicines. we chose symbicort. symbicort starts to improve my lung function within 15 minutes. that's important to me because i know the two medicines in symbicort are beginning to treat my symptoms and helping me take control of my asthma. and that makes symbicort a good choice for me. symbicort will not replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. and should not be taken more than twice a day. symbicort contains formoterol. medicines like formoterol may increase the chance of asthma-related death. so, it is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on other asthma medicines. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. i know symbicort won't replace a rescue inhaler. within 15 minutes symbicort starts to improve my lung function
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sean: we continue now with our great american panel. the politics of health care, we now have the current mammogram standards for women recommends women get it at 40. this new panel recommends 50. a lot of people are saying this is a preview of rationed care under obama care. there's a zogby poll, rich, in arkansas. 64% of people in arkansas oppose obama care and 48% say they're likely to support blanch lincoln. >> she's a key vote.
12:56 am
sean, i'm beginning to think this is not going to happen. they're going to have to defy the laws of physics to get this done. you've got a popular president. extremely unpopular with congress. and an unpopular piece of legislation that they tell themselves they're going to pass in a matter of weeks. i don't think it's going to happen. sean: ben nelson, mary landrieu, evan bayh, blanch lincoln, if they vote for it, they're putting their careers in jeopardy, especially mary landrieu and lincoln. >> i think you're wrong, rich. i think we will get health reform legislation. i don't know at this point what's going to end up being in it, but let me make one point about the mammograms -- that recommendation is ridiculous. doctors think that women between the ages of 40 and 50 should have mammograms. they should. but it also shows that every woman in america in that category should be able to get it, and that's why we need the health care reform legislation. sean: but you can have health care reform without having a
12:57 am
government system. that's the point. >> well, there's a problem, too, with that recommendation. black women tend to get breast cancer at a younger age than white women and they're more likely to die from it. so if those recommendations went into play, more black women would die. sean: i want to put up on the screen here, obama eye approval has hit a new low of 46%, as you can see there on screen. approve and disapprove. this fits in with zogby. this fits in with a number of rasmussen and a number of other polls. but the president's approval rating is so low, and a terrible trip that he came off in europe, and phony job numbers that they're putting out and the economy and unemployment the way it is, if you're a democrat running for re-election, are you going to support the president or preserve your career? >> you're going to preserve your career. what we learned in new jersey especially is the personal popularity of barack obama is not transferable. he can come in for you as much as you like. it's not going to make you more
12:58 am
likeable or inspiring, as we saw with jon corzine. what we're seeing with obama, there's been this disconnect for a while. his issues are down here. but personally, he's up here. people like him -- now we're seeing the -- sean: i agree. >> the gubernatorial electrics are not federal elections. sean: he campaigned in new jersey six times for corzine. >> that's exactly right. and you can't translate -- you can't transfer your popularity to another candidate. but when we're talking about barack obama's economic policies against going back to the bush policies, democrats come out ahead, and they'll come out ahead of the election. >> it's going to be worse for congressional candidates, because they're going to have to run on barack obama's issues. >> you want me to tell you why? they want to extends his tax cuts for the wealthy. sean: the cook report says for candidates that barack obama is beyond radioactive, qut, unquote, beyond radioactive. >> one of the things that happened in tennessee is there was some polling.
12:59 am
a pollster called my house. and they were saying that the democrats -- democrat, jim cooper, was not supporting the president and that i, assuming that i was a democrat, i should call congressman cooper's office and say support president obama's health care plan. and i'm on the do-not-call list. sean: we've got to break. it was a good panel tonight. appreciate it. one quick note, folks, before we go tonight. i have the perfect 2010 gifts. the freedom concert for 2010. tickets available on my website, we will be in new york, new jersey, cincinnati, daytona, atlanta, dallas fort worth, las vegas and san diego. leonard skin ard will be headlining along with charlie daniels and michael w. smith. we've got a special christmas gift box and tickets are available. the only place you can get it -- you get this gift box. you get to give it to a loved one. it's a family-friendly

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